Classic Football Shirts

Flagship store

The Challenge

The brand is the world's largest football stock buyer with more than 500,000 items from teams across the globe, ranging from the 1970s to the present day. They started operating as an ecommerce retailer in 2006 and started their retail operation in 2018. With a flagship store in London and another in Manchester they are internationally recognised as a tourist destination. With online sales booming it was a perfect time to scale up the business and open a new flagship store to deliver a unique experience to their valued customers.

The Approach

We knew that the new flagship store had to be a destination for fans, tourists and casual shoppers. Providing the necessary experiences to increase dwell time, conversation and loyalty. We wanted to embed the new store firmly into the community by creating a flexible social and retail proposition.

The Solution

We designed and built the new London flagship store over a 3 month period and have already increased sales by 30% compared to pre pandemic figures. We created a flexible community area by adding a cafe and bar, which also became an events area for PR, matches and shirt signing. Integrated into this area was also a retro games area where customers could lock horns playing nostalgic football consoles from over the years. The main retail space is light and airy to give customers free movement to browse and take in the colourful flashes of hand drawn murals inspired by the many colours of world football. We also created an illuminated representation of a stadium tunnel in the changing rooms for customers as a photo opportunity along with a sponsor board backdrop to show off their new purchase.

What we did.
Brand experience strategy
CX strategy
Shopper journey
Retail design
Technical drawings


Increase in sales

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