House of Vapes

Store design

The Challenge

We were approached by House of Vapes to design a multi-functional store that helped them stand out in the complex and saturated market of CBD and vaping. Modularity and scalability were two key considerations to future proof our concept and allow it to be easily tailored to different store sizes and multiple locations across London.

The Approach

One of the most prevalent barriers to purchase in this market is the quantity of devices, flavours and accessories available to shoppers. CBD and vape products have a variety of product colours and vibrant packaging to stand out on their own. However, when all of these brands are combined together on one shelf, it can be difficult for shoppers to quickly identify which item is best for them and not become overwhelmed.

The Solution

We created a modular and cost effective solution that enabled House of Vapes to update their brand identity in London stores.

Our back-wall modules allowed us to showcase multiple products, whilst maintaining a consistent aesthetic loyal to House of Vapes. Each module can be easily removed and replaced by staff, in order to accommodate for multiple merchandising scenarios. Different headers can also be updated when a new brand is launched within the store.

We also included digital touchscreen modules to enable shoppers the opportunity to search for their favourite products with ease. When not in use these modules play looped attractor content and can even become a sellable space for House of Vapes to approach brands who wish to market their new/existing products.

What we did.
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